State Senator
David Brock Smith
District 1

Thank you for visiting Senator David Brock Smith's website. This website will be updated periodically to reflect Senator Brock Smith's work on behalf of our constituents and the State of Oregon.

David is honored to serve as your State Senator for District 1, “Southwest Oregon’s Fish, Farm & Forestry District”, that includes Curry and portions of Coos & Douglas Counties. Here you will find more information about David, his public service, how he is Working for YOU, his experience, and why we and others feel he is the best person to be our State Senator for District 1. 

David has a deep appreciation for our communities and their residents. He believes in following the Constitution and representing his constituents of rural Southwest Oregon. He understands our social and cultural values and with our support, will continue to be a strong voice for us in Salem.

David has been blessed to serve on a number of different committees through his time in the Legislature, all of which involve critical work for our District in Southwest Oregon. His current committee assignments are:

  • Natural Resources
  • Public Safety Ways & Means Subcommittee 

David has also been elected and appointed to key State Legislative Task Forces and Commissions. Some of those are:

  • Former Chair & Vice Chair - Oregon Legislative Coastal Caucus.
  • Republican State Delegate-Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER) 
  • Republican - Opioid Epidemic Task Force 
  • Republican- Maritime Workforce Task Force
  • Co Chair – Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus
  • Co Chair – Legislative Wine Caucus
  • Co Chair – Public Safety Committee, Council of State Governments West (CSG West)
  • Co Convener – Sudden Oak Task Force
  • Co Convener – Maritime Workforce Development Task Force
  • Co Convener – Oregon Coast Trail Task Force
  • Member – Western Legislative Forestry Task Force
  • Senate Board Member – Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority

This work and the responsibilities associated with these committee assignments and state appointments, are a testament to David's experience and dedication to his residents. 


Some of David's Prior Public Service Experience:

State Representative, County Commissioner-Chair, County Budget Committee-Chair, County Planning Commissioner, County Fair Board Member, Elected-Association of Oregon Counties (AOC) District 4 Chair, representing the constituents and businesses of Curry, Coos, Douglas, Josephine and Jackson Counties, AOC Board of Directors, AOC Legislative Committee, AOC Public Lands & Natural Resources Committee, AOC Energy, Environment and Land Use Committee, Association of O&C Counties Board of Directors, National Association of Counties (NACo) Public Lands Committee, NACo Western Interstate Region Committee, County College Certification-Honors, County Liaison Departments- Veterans Services, Sheriff’s Office/Public Safety, Emergency Services, District Attorney, Legal Counsel, Juvenile, Parks, Roads, Facilities Maintenance, Finance, Economic Development & Public and Mental Health, Port Orford City Council President-2nd term, City Budget Chair-3 years, Port Orford-Langlois School Board Member-6 years, Port Orford & North Curry County Chamber of Commerce-President/Director-7 years, Director-America's Wild Rivers Coast-4 years, South Coast Business Employment Corporation Board, Redfish Rocks Community Team-5 years-Socioeconomic Chair, County Clean Energy Advisory Committee-Vice Chair, Local Public Safety Coordinating Council-Chair, Certified-Crisis Leadership Training for Elected Officials-F.E.M.A., CIS Certification-Governance, Government Ethics, Harassment & Discrimination Prevention, Law Enforcement Blue Ribbon Committee, Rotarian-Paul Harris Fellow/Benefactor/Sponsor, OYSA Coach


Read What Our Law Enforcement Leaders Say About

Senator David Brock Smith 

Sheriff John Hanlin, Douglas County

Dedicated to the Health, Life and Safety of our Citizens

“Senator Brock Smith’s attention to the public
safety needs of our community is what truly
makes him stand out. Supporting Senator Brock
Smith in his re-election is not just a vote for him
– it is a vote in support of public safety.”





Sheriff Gabe Fabrizio, Coos County

Pioneer in Recriminalizing Hard Drugs

“Senator David Brock Smith’s efforts to help our residents and
communities is greatly appreciated. His work helped lead the way to the
repeal/reform of Measure 110 and re-criminalize drug possession, giving
law enforcement the tools we need to protect our residents, and to help
provide monitored treatment for people with addiction.”




Sheriff John Ward, Curry County

A Bearer of Trust in the Law Enforcement Community

“I support Senator David Brock Smith’s re-election. Over the years
of working together with David, we have developed a trusting and
working relationship and I believe he is a huge supporter of public
safety. I know that David Brock Smith is the best person for the job.”







District Attorney Rick Wesenberg, Douglas County

Giving Prosecutors the Tools Necessary to Put
Dangerous People Behind Bars

“My job relies upon my ability to prosecute dangerous criminals and put
them behind bars. Sen. Brock Smith has consistently worked to give me
the tools necessary to do my job and keep you safe. Sen. Brock Smith is
the best candidate in this election.”





I have worked with David through my many years as  a legislator. His work and experience on the issues that effect our constituents makes him the best choice.

State Representative Wayne Krieger 2000-2016




Some of David's Work for YOU:


Quality and Affordable Health Care

David has worked to improve and expand provider networks for needed affordable public and mental health services for our residents and their families, while collaborating on and passing legislation to hold drug companies accountable to keep pharmaceutical prices low for Oregonians. 


Kids First in Education

David has been dedicated to adequately funding our schools, focused on offering college preparatory instruction for students to get a leg up, and sustaining investments in needed Career and Technical Programs for our students to learn employable skills for the workforce.



Public Safety

David is a sworn Special Deputy of the Curry County Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Sheriff John Ward. He is a vocal advocate for the safety of the residents of his district and the timber dollars obligated to support them. He is also a vocal advocate of our constitutional rights and a defender of our liberties. He is a firm supporter of mental health services for our residents, and agrees that our jails are not a place to be used as mental health facilities. He was a leader in repeal/reform of Measure 110 to recriminalize drugs in Oregon. 

David is also honored to receive the endorsements of the Oregon State Sheriff Association, the Oregon Chiefs of Police Association and the Oregon Coalition of Police & Sheriffs.


Veterans Services

David is the son of Frank W. Smith, a twenty seven year LCDR, Mustang, USN, Retired. He has a love of the Constitution and a passion for our service men and women who dedicate their lives to defend our freedom. He has worked to better the services to our Veterans and has helped allocate funding locally and from the legislature to do so. He has also worked with ODOT and the County on signage to honor the service of our Veterans.  David worked to secure Ballot Measure 96 that allocates one and a half percent of the State Lottery proceeds to increased Veterans Services in our communities.

David led the effort to secure $35 million for a new Veteran’s Home to be built in Roseburg. 


Natural Resources

David has been a leader in working for our private property and land use rights, and he has been vocal against State and Federal policy overreach. He has been on the front lines, working for increased active forest management to support our renewable wood products industries and the jobs and families they support. David is an advocate for increased sustain yield harvest, ensuring jobs, increased harvest, forest and watershed health, wildlife habitat, better access to fight wildfire and promote recreation, as well as overall increased productivity for the health of our families and our communities. He has been an advocate for sustainable resource extraction of our fisheries and the fishers that support their families and our communities. He has worked to change USDA policy and regulations to allow for the export of our agriculture products and has assisted in connecting business and industry. David has also assisted in drafting and passing legislation locally, across the State of Oregon and nationally, and continues to be a leader in the State on our behalf on these and other important issues for the benefit of our businesses, communities and their residents.



Fishing, Farming, Forestry & Tourism


“I am a firm supporter of local input and its role in the management of our resources, as I believe the best practice for resource management is one that is closest to the people. Our rural communities exist because of the resources that founded them. Responsible use of our fundamental natural resources and the health of their industries is critical to job creation, providing needed services to our residents, attracting new industries and growing our local economies and their tourism related businesses.”  

David Brock Smith

David has the Leadership, Experience and Dedication
We Can Count On and Will Continue to:

  • Support The Constitutions of the United States & The State of Oregon
  • Support First & Foremost, the Residents & Industries of My District
  • Promote Transparency & Accountability at All Levels of Government
  • Support Our Rural Natural Resource Industries & Businesses
  • Promote Job Creation & Growth for Our Local Economies
  • Oppose New Taxes & Fees that Harm Our Businesses & Residents
  • Prioritize Spending and Restructure Funding for Schools and Services
  • Oppose State & Federal Policies that Harm Our Residents, & Our Ranching, Farming, Fishing & Forestry Industries & Businesses
  • Be the Strong Voice Our Rural Residents & Businesses Deserve!  

“Thank you for the honor to serve you in the Oregon Senate.
Together, we will build a better Oregon!”


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